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Deactivated WWII German Issued K98 Dated 1937

Deactivated WWII German Issued K98 Dated 1937

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This is a Second World War issued German Mauser K98. This rifle was originally built and destin for the Portugese contract in 1937 however, it never made it and instead was put into service with the German Wehmacht. The gun is covered in a plethora of the correct Mauser waffen stamps - Eagle over 63. We have included the paragraph from Richard D Law's book " The Backbone Of The Wehrmacht - The K98k Rifle", where he states that although intended for Portugal the Wehrmacht diverted large numbers of these rifles to its own forces with the Portuguese markings still intact. He also states that diverted rifles that were fielded are often found in "well worn" condition, exhibiting "considerable field use". This is one of those rifles.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and trigger.

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