Deactivated WWII German K98 Dated 1939

Deactivated WWII German K98 Dated 1939

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An early Second World War dated German Mauser Werke A.G.Berlin-Borsigwalde manufactured K98. Dated 1939 and chambered in 7.92mm. In 1939 Mauser Werke were assigned secret code "243" and Waffen code Eagle over 26. This example is unusual as it looks to have been modified for sniping. The bolt is fitted with an original sniper safety lever and there are two tapped holes in the rear part of the receiver for a scope mount. The sniper safety lever is designed to turn down to avoid fouling the scope. Another interesting feature is the Norwegian markings. We know this k98 was station and used in Norway during the war, and after being captured it was then re-assigned to the Norwegian Coastal Artillery and marked "KART" . A great looking and well traveled carbine with a very interesting history. Deactivated with a working actin it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.


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