Deactivated WWII German K98

Deactivated WWII German K98

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A WWII German K98 manufactured by Erma under secret Nazi makers code S/27 in 1938. Erma only produced the K98 from 1935 to 1941 and were never able to achieve the large volumes of guns compared with most other companies contracted to produce it, and had only manage to produce a total of 135,000 K98s by the end of 1937. 1938 saw an increase with around 90,000 made under the S/27 coding, still significantly lower than its rivals, and because of this are far less widespread. The S/27 code was only used in the early part of 1938 before being changed to "27". These early war K98s were among some of the first to see action with many being involved in the "Blitzkrieg" tactics used by the German Wehrmacht. This example eventually fell into Russian hands.

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