Deactivated WWII German Mauser K98 Carbine

Deactivated WWII German Mauser K98 Carbine

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An early WWII German Mauser K98 Carbine. Manufactured early in 1940 by Mauser under the secret Nazi code "42". It is correctly marked with Waffenamt code WaA655 and fitted with a Mauser made bolt assembly. Of considerable interest; this carbine has its original wood work, floor plate and screws, sling band and steel butt plate. However, on the butt plate, just below the Norwegian number 6201 is a WW1 Imperial German army acceptance stamp. There is also another on the stock recoil lug. Both parts are original to the gun at its time of assembly. Mauser are known to have used parts from WWI stocks. This was sometimes done due to a shortage or disruption in parts supply caused by Allied bombing and resistance sabotage. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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