Deactivated WWII German MG34 Dated 1943

Deactivated WWII German MG34 Dated 1943

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This is a WWII German MG34 machine gun that was manufactured in 1943 by Waffenwerke Brunn using the secret makers code "dot" and carries the correct Waffen acceptance stamps Eagle over 63. The serial number (4502b) falls well within the known range of MG34s from that year production (serial range 9001 to 3106c). Waffenwerke Brunn were the only company who continued to make the MG34 until the end of war. All other companies ceased production midway through the war to focus on the MG42. This example is in great condition with matching numbers to the receiver, barrel jacket, bolt assemble and top cover.

The MG34 - Maschinengewehr-34 (Machine gun, model of 1934) was designed in the early 1930s and saw service with the German army until the end of the second world war. It was an outstanding weapon, well finished and manufactured to tight tolerances, this however become its drawback being too expensive and too slow to manufacture, it therefore was not suited for mass wartime production, and although they continued being made until the end of the war, its cheaper and faster to manufacture cousin the MG42 took over. 


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