Deactivated WWII German MG34

Deactivated WWII German MG34

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This is a WWII German MG34 maachine gun. It was manufactured in 1944 by Waffenwerke Brunn using the secret makers code "dot" and carries the correct Waffen acceptance stamps Eagle over 63. A very interesting feature are the serial numbers on the barrel housing. After being repaired the numbers (6153) were struck out by the German armourer who then added the numbers 3350 to match the receiver, after which it was then returned back into service and is a clear indication that this MG34 saw active service during the war. Another unique feature is the aluminum grips, they are believed to have been designed for use on MG34's that were issued during Operation Barbarossa in Russia. The standard Bakelite grips and stock would crack and split in the sub-zero temperatures. The gun it is covered in a plethora of Nazi acceptance stamps. A rare survivor!

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