Deactivated WWII German MG42

Deactivated WWII German MG42

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This is a superb condition Second World War, German MG42 machine gun. The initials "NC" were used by Maget (Maschinen- und Gerätebau Tegel) who were assigned secret code "swd" for 1945 only. They continued using Nazi acceptance Waffen stamp Eagle over WaA11. The serial number (2608o)  is correct and falls within the known serial number range used that year. Maget only produced an estimated 30,000 MG42's in 1945. Their factory was located in the capital of Germany Berlin, which saw some of the most intense and desperate fighting by Hitler's most loyal troops and members of Volksturm. A rare find!

It had a fantastic rate of fire at 1200 rounds a minute and was nicknamed by US troops as Hitler's buzz saw.

A real German WWII classic and a museum worthy example.

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