Deactivated WWII German MG42

Deactivated WWII German MG42

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This is an excellent example of a Second World War, German MG42 machine gun that was manufactured by Maget using the secret makers code "cra". Maget only used this coding during the first part of 1943 with all known examples falling into the a, b and c suffix serial ranges. This particular example is marked with the serial number 6176c. Later that year they changed to the letters "GH" as a date code instead of the full date. Of the 60,000 MG42's that Maget made in 1943 only an estimated 25,000 of these early coded guns were produced. It also bears the correct Nazi acceptance stamp WaA11 and still retains many original matched parts. One very unusual feature is the modified MG34 bipod. This looks to be an armourers field modification and is a very rare find. There are two slots on the legs where the original MG34 release catches were once fitted.

The MG42 had a fantastic rate of fire at 1200 rounds a minute. It was referred to by US troops as Hitler's buzz saw. A real German WWII classic. 

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