Deactivated WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun

Deactivated WWII German MP40 Submachine Gun

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This is an early production Nazi MP40 submachine gun. It is dated 1941 with the makers code BNZ - Steyr. 1941 was the first year that Steyr starting using the bnz designation on their MP40s. The slotted magazine well and magazine release button with three quarter checkering are only seen on early production guns. Note the very low two digit serial number 39. The MP40 is one of the most iconic guns ever made being synonyms with the Nazis during WWII. Captured MP40s were a favoured weapon with the SAS, being chambered in the same readily available 9mm round as the Sten gun. Production figures indicate that all MP40s produced in 1941 were allocated to the German Army (Heer). This example has no capture markings and has been deactivated to current specifications with moving parts. The cocking lever can be pulled back and will return under spring/plunger pressure.

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