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Deactivated WWII Italian Beretta M1934 Rig

Deactivated WWII Italian Beretta M1934 Rig

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An original condition WWII Italian Army issued Beretta Model 1934, chambered in 9mm short. Dated 1940, it is marked with the Italian army property stamp RE (Regia Esercito) and the IVU within an oval stamps, this is the mark of the 4th Technical Control Unit of Fabbrica D'Armi Gardone (FAG) proof mark. The slide has its original factory plumb blued finish and pistol is matched numbers. Its simplicity, reliability and compact design meant this model was very popular with German troops. So much so that when German forces occupied Italy they issued them among their forces. Included is an original canvas Italian holster with a spare magazine and one inert 9mm round. Deactivated to current specifications with moving slide, hammer and trigger.

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Product Code: 9MM66