Deactivated WWII Italian M41 Carcano Rifle

Deactivated WWII Italian M41 Carcano Rifle

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This is a WWII Italian Carcano M41 rifle with matching numbers. The M41 were only manufactured during WWII for Italian forces and had a fairly sort production period ending in 1944. They were assembled using existing stocks of the M1891 rifles and proved to be very accurate and reliable rifles. This example was factory refurbished in 1947 which is a good indication that it saw active service. Of considerable interest one of the two factories producing the rifle, Armaguerra, was captured by German forces. Captured rifes were issued as substitute weapons in their original 6.5mm and were also used to arm the German Volkssturm in the latter stages of WWII. Accompanying and included with this rifle is an original bayonet and leather sling.Deactivated with a working action.

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