Deactivated WWII Japanese Nambu Type 14

Deactivated WWII Japanese Nambu Type 14

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This is a superb original condition WWII Japanese Nambu Type 14 pistol. It was made at the Kokubunji First arsenal and dates to March 1942 as the year of manufacture. Known serial numbers for this maker run from 19 to 20291, and this example is serial number 5430. Kokubunji First arsenal only made 20,300 Nambu Type 14 pistols, producing them from October 1941 until August 1944. This production quantity is very low, just 7.3% of the entire production of the Type 14. The total number produced by all manufactures is estimated to be 277,000 pistols.  The overall condition is superb with its original wartime blued finish and wooden grips.

Of considerable interest, this pistol was manufactured just three months after the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor in December 1941.

A museum worthy example!

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