Deactivated WWII K98 BNZ 43

Deactivated WWII K98 BNZ 43

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This a WWII German K98 manufactured by Steyr under the secret code "bnz" in 1943 with possible SS connections! Correctly stamped with Waffenamt “623” and “77”. The Austrian firm Steyr was of huge importance in terms of weapons production for Nazi Germany. As well as the K98 they were responsible for manufacturing the Radom pistol, MP40, MG42, tank chassis, trucks, and tiger tank turrets. Steyr also had very strong ties with the SS and supplied them with K98s. Interestingly this rifle was from a batch of which a small quantity were supplied to the SS. In 1943 Steyr only made an estimated 217,800 or so K98s of which around 8,233 were produced for the SS. This rifle shares the same barrel markings  "Ru" coding and symbols that are only found on the SS contract rifles. Though not present on this example, the SS "Single Rune" usually found on SS rifles was not always stamped on the receiver as outlined in the book  "Backbone of the Wehmacht" by Richard D Law. We have included pictures of similar SS issued rifles from the book with the same "Ru" barrel markings. Note the serial number of the example in the book is 7278 and this rifle is 7826.  Also of considerable interest this example may have been fitted with a ZF41 scope. On the left hand side of the woodwork there is a distictive scallop below the rear sight to allow for the rail mount to be fitted.

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