Deactivated WWII MG34 by dfb 1943

Deactivated WWII MG34 by dfb 1943

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This is a completely original, all matching numbers Second World War German MG34 machine gun. It was manufactured in 1943 by Gustloff Werke under secret code dfb. 1943 was the last year that Gustloff produced the MG34. In the collectors grade publication the "MG34-MG42 German Universal Machine Gun", which covers the MG34 in depth, the author Folke Myrvang states that he has only observed one serial number from this maker's 1943 production figures. It would appear that Gustloff only made MG34s in the serial block of "l" that year. This example being number 7400I and the only other being serial number 8131I that is actual pictured within the book. This would indicate that very few were made, perhaps just a few hundred or so, almost certainly less than a 1000. In 1943 Gustloff began full time production of the MG42 and would have been using any remaining parts to complete any un-finish or partly built MG34s. This would support why so few were made that year. Incredibly this example is all matching numbers including the stock. The gun bears no capture markings, remaining completely untouched since the day it was made! A WWII German collector's dream!

The MG34 - Maschinengewehr-34 (Machine gun, model of 1934) was designed in the early 1930s and saw service with the German army until the end of the second world war. It was an outstanding weapon, well finished and manufactured to tight tolerances, this however become its drawback being too expensive and too slow to manufacture, it therefore was not suited for mass wartime production, and although they continued being made until the end of the war, its cheaper and faster to manufacture cousin the MG42 took over.

This example is deactivated with a moving cocking lever and trigger, and can be hinged open at the barrel / receiver joint. The stock is removable and the top cover can be opened.

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