Deactivated WWII MG34 Dated 1940

Deactivated WWII MG34 Dated 1940

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This is a rare early WWII German MG34. It was manufactured in 1940 by Magets using the secret makers code CRA . It features an early milled top cover that has been machined from a solid piece of steel, which due to being expensive and time consuming to produce was phased out in favour of the more familiar pressed type. The known serial number data dates this example to late 1940 manufacture and is one of only around 2,500 to 3,000 made by CRA from that year. Another very interesting feature are the numbers 757 on the right side of the receiver and top cover. After being repaired these numbers were added by the German armourer who then struck out the other numbers (4677 & 5527) after which it was then returned back into service and is a clear indication that this MG34 saw active service. As you can see from the images it is covered in a plethora of Nazi acceptance stamps and with the majority of its parts still matched. A rare survivor!

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