Deactivated WWII MP40 with ALL matching numbers

Deactivated WWII MP40 with ALL matching numbers

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This is an all matching numbers, WWII German MP40 sub-machine gun that was manufactured in 1943 by Erma under secret makers code "ayf". Erma were allocated Waffen acceptance code Eagle over 280. All parts on this example carry the same numbers from the day of manufacture in 1943. This is a rare find, as the majority are often found with mismatched parts whereas this example even the bolt, plunger and even the barrel collets are original! The additional codes and Waffen stamps on this gun are those of the subcontractors who made parts for the MP40. The overall condition is indicative of a service weapon that has seen extensive action during WWII but, miraculously it has remained complete with no capture markings or ownership stamps from any other country.

Because this example is all original numbered parts we have deactivated it as sympathetically as possible to highlight the numbers on the bolt and plunger which are normally hidden from view. The bolt can be pulled back and will return under spring tension as can the trigger.

A rare survivor of one of the most iconic weapons of all time!

This item is available for purchase and is currently at the proof house being certificated.

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