Deactivated WWII Nazi Black Widow PO8 Luger

Deactivated WWII Nazi Black Widow PO8 Luger

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This is a superb Second World War Nazi "Black Widow" PO8 Luger. The finish is completely original and the pistol has all matching numbers apart from the magazine which is the correct period and type used. It is fitted with genuine and correct wartime Bakelite grips only used on this model. The serial number has no letter suffix which would indicate that it is pistol number 8026th. It has the correct "byf" code on the toggle, "41" date stamp on the receiver, PO8 stamped on the frame and Eagle over 135 Nazi acceptance stamps. The Black Widow was only produced for a few years mid way through the war before Luger production ceased to make way for the P38. Sources estimate that around 2 to 3 % of PO8 Lugers received black grips. The Black Widow Luger has become one of most sought after Lugers and was a prized war trophy for many Allied troops.

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