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Deactivated WWII Nazi Browning High Power Model 640b

Deactivated WWII Nazi Browning High Power Model 640b

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This is a superb example of a genuine WWII Nazi produced Browning High Power pistol. It has matching numbers to frame, barrel and slide and is correctly marked with Waffen acceptance WaA140. The pistol is fitted with the correct period wooden grips and magazine. This variant was designated as the P640(b) during Nazi occupation of the FN factory with production starting in 1940 and ending when Belgium was liberated in 1944. This pistols serial number 150,747 dates to 1941-42 and after serial number 200,000 was reached an A suffix was introduced in the serialization. This is one of best examples you are likley to see! Deactivated with a working action.

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