Deactivated WWII Nazi Browning High Power WaA613 Coded

Deactivated WWII Nazi Browning High Power WaA613 Coded

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This is a unique Second World War manufactured Nazi Browning High Power pistol. After the successful invasion of Belgium the Nazi's took control of the Fabrique Nationale factory in 1940 and seized everything on the FN production line, this included completed guns, partly completed guns and all associated parts. The first batches of Browning High Power pistols completed whilst under Nazi occupation were designated as Model 640(b). These guns were assembled from both newly made and existing seized parts and were assigned Waffen acceptance WaA613. Early pistols were fitted with a tangent rear sight and a shoulder slot in the frame however, the Germans deemed this design unnecessary and phased them out. The Germans simply used up all the existing stocks of tangent sights and slotted frames after which they started making newly made parts without these features. This created a combination of sub-variants within the build. Some with tangents and slotted frames and some without. However this pistol is an inigma within those sub-variants. The slide was clearly manufactured with the provision for a tangant sights but was subsequently modified. The most plausible explination for this, is that there were no more sights available and maching off the tangent sight mounting lugs and adding a fixed rear sight solved the problem. These early pistols had matching numbers and were finished in a high quality commercial bluing, as can be seen on this gun, which further supports that this pistol left the factory in this configuration. It is estimated that only 12,000 WaA613 marked Browning High Powers were ever made. The pistols serial number 59,625 falls within the known block for this variant of 55,000 to 65,200. A very rare and unique pistol, possibly the only one of its type!!!
Deactivated with a working action.

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