Deactivated WWII Nazi FN M1922

Deactivated WWII Nazi FN M1922

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A superb condition and very intriguing WWII Nazi Browning Pistol Model 1922. Germany designated this model as 641b, with the initial batch of 1922s built under Nazi occupation being issued under Waffen code WaA613 in 1940,  of which only 3,200 were made. This pistol carries the Waffenamt code WaA140 and the correct corresponding serial number 60846 which dates to late 1941 production. The serial  number also confirms it to be from the very first batches issued under Waffen code WaA140. However, this pistol also bears the WaA613 code, this leads us to believe that this pistol was made using part(s) that had previously been assigned but not used in 1940. This is further supported by the barrel nose cap (numbered 21456) which is from the very first block of serial numbers issued to WaA613 coded 1922s. Serial numbers started at 20,000.  A very interesting pistol. Deactivated with a working action.

The 1922s were produced at the Belgium plant under German occupation during WWII. Production started in 1940 and ended when liberated in 1944. They were issued to the Luftwaffe, German government and military as officer's and official's sidearms.

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