Deactivated WWII Nazi FN1922 First Variant WaA613

Deactivated WWII Nazi FN1922 First Variant WaA613

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This is a very rare WWII Nazi Browning FN1922 pistol. When the Nazi's to control of the Belgium FN factory is 1940 they seized everything on the FN production line, this included completed guns, partly completed guns and all associated parts. The first batches of FN 1922 pistols completed whilst under Nazi occupation were designated as Model 626(b). These guns were assembled from both newly made and existing seized parts and were assigned Waffen acceptance WaA613. It is estimated that just 6,300 were ever made before the Waffen code was changed to WaA103 in early 1941. This rare survivor still retains its factory matching numbers and an original wartime Nazi stamped magazine. Deactivated very sympathetically it can be cocked and dry fired etc.

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