Deactivated WWII Nazi K98

Deactivated WWII Nazi K98

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An early Second World War Portuguese contract Nazi K98. Manufactured by Mauser it is dated 1937, the receiver bears the royal crest of Portugal and Mauser proofs Eagle over 63. In Richard D Law's book " The Backbone Of The Wehrmacht - The K98k Rifle", he states that although intended for Portugal the Wehrmacht diverted large numbers of these rifles to its own forces with the Portuguese markings still intact. He also states that diverted rifles that were fielded are often found in "well worn" condition, exhibiting "considerable field use". This is one of those rifles. It still retains its original wood work, barrel, rear sight assembly, and the Portuguese sling mounts. They were chambered in the same 7.92mm ammunition as standard German K98s. If you are looking for a WWII Nazi weapon that has definitely seen action then this is the rifle for you! Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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