Deactivated WWII Nazi K98

Deactivated WWII Nazi K98

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This is a WWII Steyr (660 coded) German K98. In 1940 and for that year only, Steyr produced the “660” coded K98. They are unusual as they dont have “Mod.98” designation on the side rail which was only omitted on that years production. The receivers were stamped four times with Waffen code WaA623 with all known carbines army marked ( letter H on the stock ). This is a very early example from that year and has an "a" suffix in the serial number. Known serial numbers range from around 2000a to 350n, that puts this one at around number two thousand nine hundred off the production line. Many original parts still remain including complete lower wood work assembly and bolt assembly. Even more interesting is the modifications made to it! At some stage is has been converted into a sniper/scoped rifle. Two sets of taped holes at either end of the receiver clearly show evidence of mounts. The wood has also been modified sightly with a shallow scollop just behind the bolt lever. The bolt is unusual to as it is from a WWI Kar98 and has a non-standard safety lever. This would have either been fitted to avoid fouling the scope or to make it easier to make safe whilst sighting. It is unclear as to when this conversion was done, but German armorers are known to have converted K98s in the field. We've certainly never seen anything like this before. Eventually this K98 fell into Norwegian hands and was marked and used by their forces. This one is marked with a rare Norwegian regiment stamp : K.ART..... Kistartilleriet (Coastal Artillery) weapon number 12296, of which very few exist.

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