Deactivated WWII Nazi Kriegsmarine Issued Mauser M1934 with Holster

Deactivated WWII Nazi Kriegsmarine Issued Mauser M1934 with Holster

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This is a very rare early Second World War Nazi Mauser M1934 which was issued to the German Navy (Kriegsmarine). Only 6,000 of this model were marked and issued to the Navy but, due to the heavy loses the vast majority were lost at sea. They are marked on the right side of the frame with the Nazi Eagle and letter M. This example can be dated by its serial number (617143) and Nazi proof stamps, which date this pistol to late 1940. In 1940 Mauser completed the years production with serial number 618277 and in April 1940 the proof stamps Eagle over N was introduced. The pistol has all visible matching numbers and carries the correct Eagle over N proof stamps on the barrel and behind the rear sight. Accompanying this pistol is the original and correct issued leather holster. The wear marks inside and indentations in the leather confirm that this pistol belongs with this holster. The holster is maker marked and dated "jfk 1942". Both pistol and holster are still in extremely good original condition.

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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