Deactivated WWII Nazi MG42 with Matching Numbers

Deactivated WWII Nazi MG42 with Matching Numbers

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This is a superb condition WWII German MG42 machine gun with matching numbers. It was made by Mauser Werke, Borsigwalde in 1944. That year Mauser used secret makers and date codes "ar" & "DF". Production for 1944 is estimated to be 35,000 with serial number blocks running from 6999a to 63e. This example is number 3738b meaning it is around gun number 6,738th of 1944s production. The gun carries the correct Nazi acceptance stamp WaA26 and also various parts are stamped with subcontractors codes. The bipod legs were made by Gustloff- Werke - code ; dfb in 1943.

The MG42 had a fantastic rate of fire at 1200 rounds a minute. Nick named by US troops as Hitler's buzz saw, they are still in use in a modified form today. A real German WWII classic. This example would have been put into service quickly. June 1944 (D-Day) saw the Allied forces landings in France.

Deactivated to EU specifications.

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