Deactivated WWII Nazi P38

Deactivated WWII Nazi P38

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This is a very interesting Second World War Nazi P38. The code "480" was only used for a few months on a small batch of P38s manufactured in mid 1940. The serial number 03601 was only used on the "0" series P38s, the variation introduced earlier in the same year but before the 480 coding. The slide is clearly marked AC43 = Walther 1943, but looks to have had the serial number removed, and the barrel re-numbered to the pistol. All parts are Walther manufactured and carry the correct Waffen acceptance stamp Eagle over 359. This leads us to conclude that this pistol was made using 0 series parts but was completed as a 480 coded pistol. However, it was later repaired / reworked during the war with a replacement slide being fitted. The armorer removed the slide serial number and matched the barrel to the pistols serial number. These types of repairs and reworks were one way of maintaining serviceable weapons in the field . A fascinating pistol. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked and dry fired.

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