Deactivated WWII Nazi PO8 Luger

Deactivated WWII Nazi PO8 Luger

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This is a lovely condition Second World War issued Nazi PO8 Luger. Dated 1941 it was made by Mauser and bears the correct Eagle over 655 military acceptance stamps. That year Mauser produced an estimated 126,000 pistols, the majority of which were issued to the Wehrmacht. Post WWII it was re-assigned to the East German police (Volkspolizei or VoPo). Just visible to the left of the serial number is a the shield / sunburst symbol to signify this. Another unusual feature is the addition of an "-a" after the serial number. This Luger would have been used to police and govern the Russian sectors and borders of Germany in the post war breakup of the country which eventually became the "Iron Certain" during the Cold War period. The grips are both Waffen stamped.  The Luger was one of the most popular and prized war trophies by Allied troops. Deactivated with a working action.

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