Deactivated WWII Nazi PPK with Named Holster

Deactivated WWII Nazi PPK with Named Holster

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This is an exceptionally rare WWII Nazi military issued Walther PPK with named holster. During wartime production (1940 to 1945) only 26,000 of this model were procured by the German military. These pistols were marked with the military acceptance stamp Eagle over 359. The serial number and proof markings date this PPK to late 1940 and is a second variant of which only 10,000 were produced. Due to their scarceness they were predominantly issued to senior and ranked officers, commanders and officials. Accompanying this PPK is an original leather holster that is named "Paulus". This is believed to have been the property of Friedrich Paulus whose father was also called Friedrich Paulus. In August 1940 Paulus senior was promoted "Generalleutnant" and a month later to Duty Chief of the German General Staff to help draft plans for the invasion of Russia (operation Barbarossa). Paulus was in command of the German 6th Army who were heavily involved in the invasion of Russia holding Stalingrad for over three months. In November 1942 the Red Army launched its massive counter-offensive (Operation Uranus) and encircled Paulus and this remaining men of the 6th Army. Paulus received the infamous orders from Hitler to hold their position under all circumstances. Friedrich Paulus junior also served in the German army and was killed in action on 29th Feb 1944 in Anzio-Nettuno, Italy.

The PPK is in completely original condition with its factory bluing and Bakelite grips. Incredibly the spare magazine is numbered to the gun!  The grips and magazine finger extension piece are the same colour and exhibit similar wear, this indicates that this magazine was issued with this pistol. Holster is one of the rarer makers Bearskin Oak Leaf 9 dated 1942 with the military acceptance WaA938. A very rare a complete set with a fascinating past. 

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