Deactivated WWII Nazi Walther PP

Deactivated WWII Nazi Walther PP

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This is a fascinating early production WWII Nazi Walther PP. This particular example is serial number 944175 and is part of a small batch that are previously unrecorded from Walther's production / shipping records. Walther's records show a gap from serial number 9426xx to 9674xx.  The pistols serial number dates to between late 1936 and early 1937 as the year of manufacture, however it features a 90 degree safety which was phased out a few years earlier. The slide legend has been deliberately removed with clear evidence of hand filing. This type de-facing of Nazi pistols was sometimes done by resistance and pro Allied underground units operating in occupied Europe. Resistance groups would often use smuggled parts and captured weapons to arm themselves - is this one such gun? Deactivated with a working action. 

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