Deactivated WWII P08 Artillery Luger

Deactivated WWII P08 Artillery Luger

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This is a First World War, Imperial German army Luger. Dated 1917, it was original manufactured by Erfurt as an Artillery Luger. The notch or flat in the frame, forward of the date stamp is where the Artillery Luger rear sight assembly would sit . This notch/flat is only found for Artillery Luger slides/receivers. This particular Luger may well have started life as an Artillery but now has a replace barrel that is serial number 600. This may well have been done in field by a German armorer. Another interesting feature is the "RC" (Revision Commission) inspectors stamps. It was applied at the factory to imperial P08 parts during production and indicated a flawed but useable part. It is most commonly seen on Erfurt Lugers. Incredible the rest of the gun has remained complete with all visible numbers matched including the magazine. It is safe to say that this Luger has seen extensive use, most being used again during WWII. Deactivated to current specifications with moving parts.


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