Deactivated WWII Spreewerke P38

Deactivated WWII Spreewerke P38

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This is one of the rarest P38 pistols produced by Spreewerke during WWII, being made during the final months of the war. The slide code reads "cvq" and not "cyq" and the serial numbers started with a letter. These markings are only found on two batches made between February and April 1945 by Spreewerke. This example is from the second batch of 10,000 dating it to March 1945 just two months before the factory was captured by the Russians. In 1945 only 41,200 P38s were completed at the Spreewerke factory. Of considerable interest, some of these late war pistols was made using parts that were supplied by the Walther and FN (Fabrique Nationale) factories. This P38 has all matching numbers, the correct Eagle over 88 acceptance stamps and is fitted with an original and correct magazine.

During the final months and days of WWII Hitler decreed that all able bodied German males should be armed to defend Germany at any cost. Young boys and old men were issued with these late war weapons and forced to fight. 

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