Deactivated WWII Swedish military Husqvarna rifle

Deactivated WWII  Swedish military Husqvarna rifle

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A great condition, first year of production, WWII Swedish military Husqvarna rifle, dated 1941. The Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag factory were the only company contracted to produce purpose built M38's, only making around 88,100 before ending production in 1944. In 1941 they only made 28,672 rifles.  Although Sweden was officially non-belligerent during WWII, a small unit called the Swedish Volunteer Corps numbering around 9,600 officers and men saw active service in Finland during the Winter War of 1939 when Russian forces attempted to invaded. These men were armed with Husqvarna rifles and fort throughout the war as part of a small Nordic force. This rifle was until recently in use with the MOD. The white painted band signifies that it was used for training and not a live weapon.  Still in amazing condition although the rear sight is missing and is replaceable! Deactivated with moving parts it comes with an EU/UK certificate of deactivation. Comes with original cleaning rod.

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