Deactivated WWII Very Rare SS Issued Walther PPK

Deactivated WWII Very Rare SS Issued Walther PPK

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This is a very rare genuine Second World War Walther PPK that was issued to the infamous Nazi SS. It dates to 1939 and is referred to as a fourth variant. SS issued PPKs from this batch have the letter "K" suffix beneath the serial number, a Crown over N nitro poof stamps, a highly polished blued finish and with the full serial number on frame, slide and magazine spine. The known serial number range for SS PPK's is from 206xxxK to 234xxxK, this example is 206577K and further confirmation of its authenticity is the matching magazine. The pistol has is original factory finish, grips and magazine. Rarely seen as most were defaced, destroyed or discarded. A rare find.

Of considerable interest, Steven Stepan's book "SS Walther PP/PPK - Gold Edition" states that there is only 138 of this variant of SS issued PPK's.

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