Just Arrived, Deactivated Rare WWI German PO8 Navy Luger

Just Arrived, Deactivated Rare WWI German PO8 Navy Luger

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WWI German Navy Luger Manufactured by DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitions Fabriken). Early production Naval Lugers were not dated. The main difference, and most obvious between the Army and Naval Lugers is a longer barrel on the Naval ( 6 inches). Only found on Navy Lugers. Navy Lugers serial numbers were always marked in a non-exposed manner as opposed to the Army guns which marked on the face of the side plate and locking lug (referred to as exposed). It has the correct Navy acceptance stamps (crown over M) and has all visible matching numbers.They were also fitted with a two-position (100-200m) sight on the rear toggle link. They are by far one of the rarest of the Luger variants, as many ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Surviving examples often being in poor condition from salt water corrosion. Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

This examples is referred to as the 1908 variation. This variant was manufactured with no grip safety, and revised thumb safety catch.

 It is worth noting that from 1904-1917 the German Navy bought the 6" (150mm) barreled Parabellums. Once the Imperial Fleet returned to port the Naval Divisions were deployed to the Western front to reinforce the Imperial Army. At the end of the war the Allied Commission created by the Treaty of Versailles banned Germany from having weapons longer than 100mm. For the Imperial Navy's that weren't lost to war they were converted to the 100mm barrel length and the Weimar Navy began adopting the shorter barrel Luger. This gives some idea of just how rare they are!

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