Deactivated WWI G88 Rifle

Deactivated WWI G88 Rifle

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This is a lovely condition WWI German Gew 88 rifle. (Gewehr modell 1888) or “Komissiongewehr” (Commission rifle). Manufactured by Danzig, it is dated 1894 and has the correct German Imperial army acceptance markings. It was developed by a group of officers from GewehrPrufungsKomission (GPK, or Rifle testing commission of German army). This rifle is modified and adapted for the 7,9mm S-patrone ammunition, and is appropriately stamped with letter “S”. The G88 was eventually replaced by the Gew98, but remained in service until the end of the First World War. This example bears two sets of German regiment markings. The sling band is marked "93 R E 2 216" = 93rd Reserve Ersatz regiment, 2nd Kompany , weapon number 216. When the rifle was reissued these markings were struck out and new ones applied. On the forward band is " 116.R.2.207" = 116th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Kompany, weapon number 207. Also the number "11 K " stamped on the butt stock plate is that of a WWI repair depot. The letter K is the depot armorers I.D. These depots were located very close the front lines during the Great War making it easier to transport damaged rifles to and fro. It is also documented that, depot repaired rifles were only sent to front line troops. This is unequivocall evidence that this rifle actually saw active service during WW1, and on more than one occasion!!! This rifle also went on to serve with Turkish forces. 

This rifle has just been imported from Germany by us and is brand new to the collectors marked.

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