Just Arrived, Deactivated WWI & WWII German Gew98 Rifle

Just Arrived, Deactivated WWI & WWII German Gew98 Rifle

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Very rarely seen, this is a First World War, Imperial German Army Gew98 that was reissued for Nazi Germany's war effort. It was produced in 1916 by Mauser and carries the original imperial German army acceptance stamps. In the 1930s when the Nazi party had come to power and were preparing for war a program of converting stocks of WWI Gew98s began. Various changes were made including rebarreling, upgraded rear sights and wood work modifications. The work was carried by several of the major rifle/weapons manufactured such as Mauser and Simson. Newly fitted parts were stamped with the Nazi codes and acceptance stamps as can be seen on this rifle. The upgraded K98 rear sight is stamped S/42G (Mauser) and correctly stamped and on the barrel with Waffen code WaA214 three times. Many of these rifles issued to the SS and other paramilitary groups. Also the number "2" stamped on the butt stock plate is that of a WWI repair depot. These depots were located very close the front lines during the Great War making it easier to transport damaged rifles to and fro. It is also documented that, depot repaired rifles were only sent to front line troops. This is unequivocall evidence that this rifle actually saw active service during WW1, and on more than one occasion!!! A great piece of WWI and WWII history and a rare find!

A very rare rifle that shares its history with both world wars. Very few of these now exist.

This rifle has just been imported from Germany by us and is brand new to the collectors marked. It is available for purchase and is currently at the proof house being certificate.

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