Deactivated WWII German K98

Deactivated WWII German K98

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This is a very intriguing WWII K98 that may have had connections with the Waffen SS. It is beleived to have started life as a WWI Gew98 or Kar98 that was converted during the 1930s to a K98. The early Nazi codes (S/42G and K155) on the rear sight were only used by Mauser in 1935 during the Nazis secret rearmament program. Also the Waffen acceptance stamp Eagle over 6 was only used by Simson who also reworked WWI Gew98 and Kar98 rifles during the same period. More often than not Simson conversions were allocated to SS and other paramilitary groups. These paramilitary groups (including the SS) were not part of the regular army but instead were an elite force controlled by the Nazi party. Because they were not an army unit they didn't receive standard issued weapons but instead were issued captured, reworked or secondary unit firearms. It is well documented that Waffen SS troops were armed with reworked First World War rifles and carbines; Gew98 and Kar98. The initials "S & sS" on the rear sight bracket indicate that this rifle was upgraded for dual compliance with the latest patrone ammunition which entailed replacing the rear sight. At some stage during its service life the Nazi markings were removed from the receiver, barrel and floor plate assemble. During the Nazi rework program receivers were scrubbed of their previous markings, this also accured post WWII. Many captured K98s were put into service with foreign military powers and those that were sometimes had any German markings removed. The bolt is all matching and still bears the original Nazi stamps and the wood is also Nazi marked. A fascinating K98.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving bolt and removable magazine. This rifle can still be fully dismantled with the exception of the bolt.

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