Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII German MP43 Assault Rifle

Just Arrived, Deactivated WWII German MP43 Assault Rifle

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This is a rare Erma manufactured WWII German MP43 assault rifle. Erma only producing a total of 104,000 of the MP43 and MP44 variants. The serial number on this example dates to early 1944. Underneath the receiver it is correctly marked COS, WaAA44, "qlv", WaA280 and Nazi-eagle (German army proof). This example is also fitted with an original "qlw" = Adolf Grohmann & Sohn code WaA892 made magazine. The MP44 uses the 7.92 Kurtz (short) cartridge and was made from stamped parts making it relatively quick and cheap to make. The MP44/STG 44 was mainly issued to elite frontline Waffen-SS Panzer grenadier Divisions. These troops were among the most loyal and fierce German soldiers and were known to have fought until the last man.

Including the Mkb42, MP43/1,MP43, MP44 & StG44 variants around 440,000 were ever made with the vast majority being destroyed during or after the war. This innovative weapon inspired today's assault rifles, for example the Kalashnikov AK47 & H&K G3 are both heavily based on this weapon.

A rare opportunity to own a legendary German assault rifle. 

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