Rare Deactivated CG Haenel Gew98

Rare Deactivated CG Haenel Gew98

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This is a rare first year of production, CG Haenel manufactured Gewehre 98 rifle. With the beginning of the First World War it was clear Germany was desperately short of rifles and carbines, the German state arsenal did increase output but the army was still short of rifles. During 1915 all the firms that were capable of making the Gewehr 98 were brought on line, this included three new cooperatives, the Suhl Consortium who collectively made the Gewehr98 rifle, they were ; CG Haenel, JP Sauer and VC Schilling. This G98 is from their initial batches made in 1915. It has all matching numbers except for the bolt which is matched to itself. The finish and wood work are completely original having remained untouched for 104 years. It is estimated that CG only produced around 50,000 G98s in 1915, this is one of those rifles.

Deactivated to current specifications moving parts.

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