Deactivated WWII Nazi PO8 Luger - Bring Back

Deactivated WWII Nazi PO8 Luger - Bring Back

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This is an all matching numbers WWII Nazi PO8 " Black Widow" Luger. Mauser switched from the earlier "42" code to the last secret wartime code of "byf". The receiver still carries the two digit date code "41" (1941) for the year of manufacture but the toggle has the new "byf" code. The frame is marked "PO8" and the magazine has the black base. Originally this pistol would have been fitted with black plastic grips. The receiver bears the correct Eagle over 655 proofs. It is missing the trigger bar and spring, this was removed by the British soldier who brought it back after the war. These parts could be reinstated, although they dont affect the workings of the pistol. The toggle can be pulled back and will return.

Deactivated to current specifications with moving slide, trigger and safety lever. The magazine can be removed.

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