RARE WWII Era Mauser Model 1910/34 With Original Box & Manual

RARE WWII Era Mauser Model 1910/34 With Original Box & Manual

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This is an incredible set! The Mauser is in near mint original condition with its crisp factory bluing, rare unblemished Bakelite grips and Mauser banner magazine. This alone is a rare find as only 25,700 were every made. Production of this model ran from 1936 to 1941 with only two variants made. This is the earlier variant, latter examples had the serial number set into a recessed slot or rectangle. The serial number dates to the late 1930s, around 1937 or 1938. Another unusual feature found on this model is the lack of serial numbered parts, and is correctly numbered on the slide only.

The Mauser box and manual are both extremely rare items to find. Both are perishable and are rarely seen. The box still has its card insert to stop the pistol from moving. The manual is in near perfect condition and dates to 1937.

The Nazis imposed strict guns laws restricting most citizens from owning a pistol. Only privileged officials and dignitaries could privately purchase a sidearm of their choice.

You will not find another example like this. It is stunning!

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