Very Rare Deactivated SS marked K98

Very Rare Deactivated SS marked K98

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This is a very rare Nazi SS marked WWII K98. The secret makers code is "27" Erma and the year of manufacture is 1939. During the Second World War the SS procured weapons from both military and commercial channels and also through official and unofficial sources often utilizing old stocks of First World War  Gew98 & Kar98 rifles. This particular example bears the Nazi SS Totenkopf or "Death's Head" property stamp. Another interesting feature is the trigger assembly, these parts have WWI imperial German army stamps. The SS are known to have assembled guns from all manner of available parts including weapons that were considered not good enough for military use.

This example has just been brought into the UK from a private collection in Germany and brand new to the collectors market. A rare find!

For comparison picture 4 is taken from one of the leading books on the K98 showing the SS Death's Head stamp.

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