Very Rare WWI & WWII Police Luger

Very Rare WWI & WWII Police Luger

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This is a very rare WWI & WWII Police issued PO8 Luger. It was made in 1917 by DWM (Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken) as an artillery Luger. Only artillery Lugers were manufactured with a slot at the front of the receiver. This is where the rear sight would sit when mounted on the barrel. In the 1920s early 1930s it was reworked by Simson. The barrel bears their official rework mark; Eagle over 6 proofs and the PTV stamp of the Polizeischule Technik Verkekr that was the used by them on reworked Lugers for the School of the Technical Police. Police pistols were fitted with a sear safety. The sear safety was fitted to prevent accidental discharge should the side plate be removed whilst the pistol was loaded. With the side plate removed the sear could be pressed, this would in turn fire the gun.

This pistol was issued to the Weimar Police or Sicherheitswehr. They were a militarised police force who would to take action during times of unrest when there were riots or strikes. In the early 1930s when the Nazis had come to power, Hitler put Himmler in charge of all police units and in June of 1936 all police forces throughout Germany were united, eventually becoming the infamous SS.

The sear spring plate on this Luger has a very rare Nazi Waffen stamp. This stamp was added from 1939 onwards when the earlier drop winged eagle was replaced and is believed to be a depot proof rework stamp.

All numbered parts are matched including the magazine which is also correct and original to the gun. The number 2 denotes that it was a Simson police rework magazine.

This is an exceptional police issued Luger that saw service in both world wars and the interwar period, being issued to the military and police.


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