Very Rare WWII German Navy SLD Double Barrel Flare Pistol

Very Rare WWII German Navy SLD Double Barrel Flare Pistol

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This is a very rare WWII German Navy (Kriegsmarine) issued stainless steel double-barrel flare pistol. Model SLD - Signal und Leucht Doppelschusssmodel (literally “signal & light double shot model). The SLD flare pistol was adopted by the Kriegsmarine in 1936 and remained in production until the end of World War II, with only a total production of around 4,000. During 1940 the Walther coding was changed to "ac" with the last two digits for the year of manufacture reflecting the year also i.e 42 for 1942. They were issued to the German Naval fleets, this included battleships and U-Boats. This example bears the correct Nazi Kriegsmarine property stamp Eagle over M III/3 only found on German Naval issued weapons. The original Walnut grips have survived which is very unusual as have, most importantly, the foregrip. The finish is in stainless steel to protect it from salt water corrosion, and it is capable of single or dual barrel firing with a lever for barrel selection or simultaneous firing.

As with all Walther made firearms the quality is superb. A very rare original and complete Nazi flare pistol of which very few now survive in the world today, the vast majority being lost at sea during WWII hostilities.

The SLD is a large flare pistol. We have pictured it along side a WWII Colt 1911A1, which is a large pistol as an indication of its size. The Colt is not for sale or included. 

Deactivated with a working action it can be cocked, stripped and dry fired.

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