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We have the following historic Live, deactivated and obsolete calibre firearms due in;


RARE WWII G33/40 Carbine - ALL MATCHING NUMBERS chambered in 7.92mm - Section 1

Several WWII K98's chambered in 7.92mm, with matching numbers - Section 1

A great condition US Marlin Under Lever Rifle chambered in 32-30. - Section 1

WWI French Berthier Carbine, 1917 dated, unmodified with three shot magazine - Section 1

***Obsolete Calibre***

Brown Bess style musket converted to percussion

Afghan Jezail flintlock musket

A very impressive Matchlock Fort Musket measuring over 6 feet long!


WWII Bren MKII dated 1944

WWII US Airforce/Navy M8 Flare pistol dated 1942 manufactured by Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company.***SOLD***

WWII Nazi MG42 ***SOLD***

Very Rare WWII Mauser Banner PO8 Luger

RARE WWII G33/40 Carbine with matching numbers

Magtech pump action Shotgun import marked to Las Vagas NV

US Remington Model 870 Pump Action Shotgun

US Mossberg Pump Action Shotgun

Walther PPK 007 era with silencer

Italian Colt Percussion 1860 New Model Army .44 revolver.

Astra pocket pistol

WWII Beretta Model 1934 Romanian Contract - very low serial number

WWII Nazi CZ 27 pistol

Le Francais pistol

US made BRF pistol

FN Browning pocket pistol

FN Model 1900 pistol

A great section of shorting / hunting rifles and shotguns

Plus much much more.....

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