Coming in soon

Coming in soon

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We have the following deactivated firearms coming in.

RARE WWII German K43 Rifle - AC44 (Walther 1944)
WWII Colt 1911A1***SOLD***
MG42/ M53 Machine Gun***SOLD***
Rare WWI & WWII Gew98 - Nazi reworked with Waffen acceptance stamps
WWII Japanese Arisaka Type 38 carbine
WWII Russian Mosin Nagant Rifle
Czech VZOR50 Pistol - Cold War era***SOLD***
Unique Pocket Pistol
Tokarev TT33 all matching***SOLD***
Smith & Wesson .32 Safety Hammerless Revolver
Webley "Safety" .38 Revolver
Astra 3000 Pistol
Sauer model 1919 Pistol
Italian Gelesi-Brescia pistol
FN Baby Browning with Nickel finish
French La Francais tip-up barrel pistol
French Verney Carron pocket pistol

To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email

Product Code: COMR2

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