Coming in this month

Coming in this month

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We have the following selection of historic live and deactivated firearms and militaria coming in;


WWII Spree Werk P38 cyq 1944 Dated.
WWII Mauser P38 byf 1943 Dated.
WWII Walther P38 ac 1941 Dated.
WWII Walther Flare Pistol 1940 Dated.
WWII MP40 AYF 1943 Dated
WWII MP40 BNZ 1943 Dated.
WWII K98 Dated 1940
WWII MG34 1943


1912 Dated SMLE MKIII with all matching numbers and volley sights, reissued for D-Day.
WWI French Lebel Rifle dated 1888
WWI French Berthier Carbine Mle 1907-15 dated 1918 with all matching numbers including cleaning rod.
1912 Dated GEW98 issued 4th Bavarian Regiment
1890 Dated GEW88

*****Militaria items*****

Rare German "Schu" Mine
88mm Shell

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