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We have the following live, antique and deactivated firearms arriving and coming in.

********LIVE******** Section 1

VERY RARE First Year of manufacture German KAR98 - Danzig 1909

*******Obsolete Calibre******

US Civil War Starr SA Revolver - cased
US Civil War Whitney SA Revolver - cased


RARE WWII Webley & Scott .32 Auto marked to the MET police with original holster
WWII British Mortar in an original transit chest
VERY RARE First Year of manufacture Nazi K98 - coded S/147K = JP Sauer 1934
Mint Condition WWII Vickers Machine Gun with tripod and accessories
WWII US 30 Cal with tripod with tripod and accessories
Rare WWI Gew98 dated 1916 reworked for WWII with Nazi acceptance stamps
WWII Russian PPSh41 dated 1944 all matching numbers
WWII Russian Nagant Cabine all matching numbers
WWI German G88 rifle with regimentally markings
Port Said SMG
LAW rocket launcher with dummy missile 
Uberti Colt 1851 Navy Revolver
Euroarms Army Revolver .44
Jager Armi M16 Copy with moving parts
WWII Lee Enfield No4
WWII Japanese Arisaka Type 38 carbine
Unique Pocket Pistol
Astra 3000 Pistol
Italian Gelesi-Brescia pistol
FN Baby Browning with Nickel finish
French La Francais tip-up barrel pistol
French Verney Carron pocket pistol

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