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Coming In

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We have the following deactivated firearms coming in;

WWII US M1 Garand
WWII US M1 Carbine
WWII Japanese Arisaka Rifle
WWII German MG42
WWII German K98 dated 1937    ***RESEVERD***
WWII German MP34 with accessories     ***RESEVERD***
WWII Lee Enfield No4 MKI, choice of two
WWII Bren MKI        ***RESEVERD***
WWII SMLE MKIII dated 1942
WWII Russian Nagant Carbine dated 1940
WWII Husqvarna Rifle dated 1941 with scope
SLR L1A1 - Black furniture
AK47 (type 56) all matching numbers - all matching numbers.
Browning High Power
Glock 17 boxed

Antique British Snider Rifle dated 1875**SOLD***
Antique Obsolete Calibre British Percussion Musket circa 1860s**SOLD***
Inert Khyber Pass Double barrel Percussion Pistol**SOLD***
Jager Dakota Peace Maker 9mm blank firer revolver**SOLD***
Inter World Arms Buntline 9mm blank firer revolver with shoulder stock in original box**SOLD***
Colt Pietta Navy 9mm blank firer revolver

To order Call 01547 529093 or 05603 416575 or email

Product Code: COMX2

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