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Due in Soon

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We have a the following section of live, antique obsolete calibre and deactivated firearms due in.


WWI British P14 bolt action shotgun, chambered in .410
Lee Speed bolt action shotgun, chambered in .410
Carl Gustav bolt action shotgun, chambered in .410
P. Webley & Son, Martini Henry under lever with target sights, chambered in .303

*******Antique Obsolete Calibre*******

Webley Wedge Revolver
East India Company 1867 Dated Percussion Pistol
European Rook Rifle chambered in .380 in beautiful original condition
Tranter .54 calibre Revolver


Smith & Wesson model 669 pistol
WWII Winter War Finnish Captured Russian Nagant Rifle dated 1938
WWII Lee Enfield No4 1943 with regiment markings
WWI German Mauser Gew98, dated 1915 with all matching numbers
WWII Thompson M1A1
Pre WWI Carl Gustav M96 Rifle x 2, dated 1901 & 1911
WWII Dated Husquarna M38 Rifles dated 1941 x 2, dated 1941
WWII era Yugoslav M24/47 rifle
Yugoslav M48 rifle
1874 Martini Henry rifle
AK47 Type 56
Yugoslavian AP M70B1 "AK47" variant
Yugoslavian M56 smg
Israeli Military UZI with folding stock

**********Militaria Items**********

Wilkinson Made Scottish Dirk MKIII with scabbard, regimentally marked to The Black Watch (The Royal Highlanders, 2nd Battalion)
Russian Cossack Sword and Scabbard
WWII Japanese Samuria Sword with scabbard, matching numbers
WWII Japanese Samuria Short Sword with wooden scabbard and leather cover
WWII Japanese 1889 Sword with scabbard, matching numbers
WWI German Officers Model 1889 Sword & Scabbard, by Erfurt with Imperial German Army acceptance stamps
Boer War era 1856 Pattern British Pioneers "saw back" sword with rare original leather scabbard, marked to the Cold Stream Guards
German Type 1 Faschinenmesser (Fascine Knife) Short sword with matching scabbard, marked to 12th Foot Artillery Reg.
WWI German Saw Back Butcher Bayonet & scabbard dated 1916
Argentine 1909 Short Sword with matching scabbard
Boer War Metford/Long Lee Bayonet & Scabbard, regimentally marked to the Loyal North Lancashire Regt.
British 1796 Pattern Sabre with steel scabbard
Pre WWI Dated British SMLE 1907 Pattern Hook Quillian bayonet with scabbard, Enfield made and dated January 1912
Swiss Pioneers or sappers sawback sword
WWII Japanese Rifle Type 30 Hook Qillian Bayonet & Scabbard
WWI Era Turkish Cavalry Troopers Sword
Martini Henry P1856 Yataghan Sword Bayonet with leather scabbard
British Police Sword by P.Field & Sons, 233 Holborn
French Coulaux Infantry sword, model 1831
British SLR L1A1 Bayonet & Scabbard
H&K G3 Assault Rifle Bayonet & Scabbard
Stoner 63A1 Weapons System Bayonet & Scabbard
Plus much more to be listed shortly.

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